Download Database

All files in the PRM database can be downloaded HERE, and contain:

  • ELISA folder: phage-derived peptides with the ELISA signal values: ratio between protein/GST binding, and background signal (GST alone).
  • NGS folder: All curated list of peptide sequences obtained from next-generation sequencing (NGS) of the round 4 and 5 pools
  • PWM folder: Position weight matrix (PWM) obtained from the alignment of NGS sequences, if they exist, otherwise from the ELISA peptides
  • LOGOS folder: Logo obtained from the PWM
  • PWM_scan folder: List of interacting proteins obtained from running the PWM against the human proteome (Jain and Bader, 2016)

  • The Master EXCEL file can be downloaded HERE, and contains the PRM_ID with all information and characterization of the domain

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